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Bug#80573: should replace grafix


On Wed, 27 Dec 2000, James LewisMoss wrote:

> Package: grafix-dev
> Version: 1.6-1
> Severity: normal
> or maybe conflict.  dunno.  anyway.  here's log.

[Summary for people on -qa:
 old package: grafix
 new packages: grafix1 (Replaces: grafix)
               grafix-dev (Depends: grafix1)

grafix-dev should conflict with grafix, (at least this is what
I think currently :-).

But I have another question I hope people on -qa can answer:

How is upgrading supposed to work?
Let's say I have grafix installed and run an apt-get dist-upgrade.
IMHO it should upgrade grafix to grafix1, but I could not get it
to work with several mixes of Conflicts, Replaces and Provides.

Perhaps we need an updated (and empty) binary grafix that depends
on grafix1?  How long would we keep that binary around?

Anyway, I'ld be happy to provide the packages if anyone could shed
some light on this issue.

> Bleh.  paste added spaces at the begining of each line.

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