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Re: [thierry.laronde: util-linux (hwclock): bug #37036 reassigned to shellutils (date)]

Le Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 06:13:15PM +0100, Thierry Laronde écrivait:
> I have sent some control bugs messages, to close 3 bugs, and to reassign one
> (the one attached). I have put, as comments, the explanations about the 
> decisions taken.
> I thought that these mails will be put verbatim in the BTS. But is this the
> case ? Do I have to sent another mail to the BTS just to explain what I have
> done ?

No it's ok, it will be available in the BTS.

You'll see a line 'bug reassigned from x to y by z' or 'bug severity
changed from x to y by z' and there's a link to your mail .... the mails
sent to XXXXX-done@bugs.debian.org are stored too.

Nevertheless, nobody will hurt you if you put XXXXX@bugs.debian.org in the

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