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Bug#55375: Cthugha depends upon mesag3 instead of libGL

Package: cthugha
Version: 1.3-4

Cthugha depends upon the mesag3 package, when it actuality it should depend upon libGL.so.  Mesa (to my knowledge at least) supports only the 3dfx chipsets, whereas glx supports a multitude of chipsets.  Although utah-glx didn't make it into potato, it is still what the vast majority of people are using.  If cthugha could be changed not to depend upon mesa, it would be greatly appreciated by quite a few people who are building daily snapshot debs of utah-glx.  Thank you, I shall be submitting similar bugreports to other packages which depend upon mesag3.

I am using Debian potato, kernel version 2.2.13.

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