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PowerPC: Need help with xfig

I'm not sure where I should ask for help, so I'll try it here...

Maybe some of you have a PowerPC available (I don't have one) and can
help me fixing Bug #48113.  The problem is, that all actual PowerPC
versions of xfig segfault immediately after starting it.  I don't know
what the problem is, and I cannot reproduce it on other
architectures.  There are no notable changes between 3.2.2-11 (which
works on PowerPC) and 3.2.2-13 (which is the first broken version on
PowerPC), so I don't think, that the problem is in xfig but in the
potato PowerPC build system (maybe a problem in the new gcc, libc6 or

So maybe someone of you can track down the problem (maybe compiling
with gcc272 helps?) or can check out with a debugger what exactly
causes the segfault in set_line_stuff()?



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