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Re: Asking for NMU

> Hi there,

Hi Masayuki, 

> Christophe(thanks!) expressed his intention to orphan the mmm package.  
> I've already made packages based on the latest MMM and OCamlTK 
> experimentally, but since I'm not an official maintainer,  I can't 
> upload it by myself.  So I'd like to ask someone to NMU it.
> My packages can be obtained from:
> http://www.debian.or.jp/~mhatta/debs/
> (add "deb(or deb-src) http://www.debian.or.jp/~mhatta/debs/ ./" to your
> /etc/apt/sources.list)

I wanted to compile and upload these but I hit the wall because they seem to
depend specifically on tcl8.0-ja. I am not informed enough to decide if I
should compile it this way - I would like it to work with the normal tcl8.0

OTOH it would be bad to have two packages of everything - ocamltk80{,-ja},
mmm{,-ja} and so on. I do not know much about the ja packages - what should I


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