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Re: brief thoughts on org/qa.debian.org

Le Sat, Sep 18, 1999 at 10:33:29AM -0400, Johnie Ingram écrivait:
> That could be done, but I like to keep separate the cases where the
> maintainer still cares slightly -- otherwise it would be unclear how
> much can be asked of the person in the control file.  This is
> something like a "reluctantly maintained" package, for which quality
> could be improved by finding another person.
> Historically the QA group was merely the Maintainer of Last Resort,
> but I'm not sure yet what the expanded role is.

Yeah, you can consider that package whose maintainer is not debian-qa
are still maintained but they'd like to give it away ... when I really
don't care about a package, I don't want to get bug reports, so I upload
them with debian-qa as maintainer ...

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