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Re: Debian QA Policy Draft

Josip Rodin wrote:
> > > BTW what can we do with maintainers who can't be reached by e-mails,
> > > and their packages need attention? How can we know that they will/won't
> > 
> > Please take a look at debian-policy where I've posted the 2nd half of
> > Vincent's proposal.  The QA team need to be able to do NMU's if the
> > maintainer doesn't reacot or isn't reachable or some such.
> I agree, but don't have time nor bandwidth to read *another* debian- list.
> Please, tell me an URL or quote (can a non-subscriber of -policy vote
> on something?).

No url available unless s/o walks through the lists archive, you could
always do that.  Sent to you privately.

> > It would be a proper action to write to -devel that package x, y and z
> > need a new maintainer and people who are interested should speak up.
> Yes, but by someone in position and who has every right to do so.
> I wouldn't like to start pointing out bad maintainers on -devel.

I'm not talking about bad maintainers but orphaned packages which is
different.  Ok, one could find out which maintainers were affected
and compile it into a blacklist, but you can't change that.  I also
don't want to see mails like "Joe Sixpack fails to maintain package xxx
so we need a new maintainer for it".

> > The tech committee has a private group debian-ctte-private.
> When I became a maintainer I heard only of one private list (which I was
> subscribed on), debian-private. Why isn't that address written somewhere?

Because it's new, I don't know it it's used, only half established
or some such.



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