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Bug#34851: anacron: anacron still hangs on startup with anacron -s

gb@hugo.westfalen.de writes:

> On 22 Mar, shaleh@clifford.livenet.net wrote:
> > This is the second report of this.  I do not see it on either hamm,
> > slink, or potato systems.  Could you please try and recompile it, 
> > maybe it is a glibc2.1 issue.
> Tried that. Same outcome. anacron -s hangs. Same situation when I look
> at it under strace. Two getpid calls, after that anacron stops. Doesn't
> spawn processes, doesn't do anything usefull. Just sit's there and
> stares at the wall (methaphorical speaking ;-) )
> Any hint where to look in the source and put debugging output in? I
> don't have much time currently to do extensive debugging, but I am
> willing to lend a hand if you can give me hint's where to start. At
> least it _is_ reproduceable on my machine.

You could try "ltrace anacron -s"; this could give you some more
information about the hang.

Carl Witty

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