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Re: debian-qa-private list, web pages on QA

Le Sat, Nov 06, 1999 at 04:04:07PM +0100, Josip Rodin écrivait:
> > Vincent is not moderator of debian-qa-private and as such not yet
>                  ~~~~~~~~~
> ITYM subscriber? Or is this a read-only list for some, and read-write for
> the committee members?

Yes debian-qa-private is a public list for subscription, but only members
of the committe can post to it. In fact we are moderators, if someone
outside of the committe post to it, we'll get the mail since we are

> > - to add his email in /org/qa.debian.org/mail/.forward-committee
> > - to add his key(s) in /org/qa.debian.org/ctte.gpg
> I see.

And committee@qa.debian.org is subscribed to debian-qa-private that's why
we get the mail we are sending. :-)

> > That's implicit. :-)
> Is it? I'll have to reread your new QA policy doc...

Well, even if it's not written in the doc, who cares ? Since all developers
can do NMU... :-)

And the core team is not very useful yet. :-( We don't do the good work
that the committe should have to do, but that's life ... I currently have
many other things to do.

> I reckon'd that'd be the case, but I wanted to update them instantly.

Of course, it's easier for you to test uour changes ...

> But why does the WML write to the database?! It would be more logical if
> it was the other way around.

Of course I meant 'read' access. In fact, the rights on the DB are
« readable by all » but only user registered in the Postgresql DB
(you create an user with createuser) can access to the DB ...

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