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Re: Bug#708462: lesstif2 to motif transition

On 10-06-13 22:32, Paul Gevers wrote:
> My findings:
> via (include/via.h): no diff
> xmhtml (include/XmHTML/XmHTML.h): ABI/API is not compatible
> I did not succeed with the others yet for different reasons.
> dx: I fail to configure it (not understood yet)

dx: (include/dx/dx.h after "debian/rules configure" and disabling
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(stdlib.h) in configure.ac (/usr/include/stdlib.h exist,
so I don't understand why)): no diff

> glw: fails with GLwDrawA.h:147:0: Undefined identifier WidgetClass

glw: (GLwMDrawA.h with additional include <X11/Intrinsic.h>): no diff

> inventor: haven't figured this one out yet.
> ncbi-tools6 (vibrant/vibrant.h): doesn't play nice with icheck as it
> actually BUILDS header files.

(ncbi-tools6 is already build depending on motif, I hope the maintainers
have checked this)

> sciplot: fails to check right now on

sciplot (SciPlot.h with additional include <X11/IntrinsicP.h> and
<stdio.h>): no diff

> cernlib/paw: I haven't figured out yet how to start.


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