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Re: Bug#708462: lesstif2 to motif transition

On 09-06-13 11:05, Paul Gevers wrote:
> On 04-06-13 08:31, Julien Cristau wrote:
>> Do we know how many of the lesstif2 reverse dependencies are libraries
>> whose ABI would change if rebuilt with motif instead?
> No, but I can try to find out. The original idea of lesstif was to be a
> binary compatible replacement, but I don't know how well that was
> maintained. Do you have a hint on how I can test if the ABI has changed
> of these libraries?

I found the tool icheck and am trying to use that to give the answer to
this question. I found at least one: xmhtml.

> There are 12 packages that build-depend on lesstif2 that build libraries
> (AFAICT now). I will try to improve my list, but I don't know yet how to
> test for ABI changes exactly.

I ran the following command against the udd and found indeed 10
libraries build against lesstif2-dev and depend on lesstif2:
udd=> select distinct source, package from packages where section='libs'
and source in (select source from sources where build_depends like
'%lesstif2-dev%') and ( depends like '%lesstif2%' or pre_depends like
'%lesstif2%') and release='sid';
   source    |           package
 sciplot     | sciplot1
 ncbi-tools6 | libvibrant6a
 inventor    | libinventor0
 glw         | libglw1-mesa
 xmhtml      | xmhtml1
 xbae        | libxbae4
 via         | libvia2
 paw         | libpawlib-lesstif3-gfortran
 cernlib     | libpacklib-lesstif1-gfortran
 dx          | libdx4

If I could find a proper start point I checked with the following strategy:
~$ apt-get install libmotif-dev
~$ icheck --canonify -o ../via_motif.icheck -Iinclude/ include/via.h
~$ apt-get install lesstif2-dev
~$ icheck --canonify -o ../via_lesstif.icheck -Iinclude/ include/via.h
~$ icheck --compare ../via_lesstif.icheck ../via_motif.icheck

My findings:
via (include/via.h): no diff
xmhtml (include/XmHTML/XmHTML.h): ABI/API is not compatible

I did not succeed with the others yet for different reasons.
dx: I fail to configure it (not understood yet)
glw: fails with GLwDrawA.h:147:0: Undefined identifier WidgetClass
inventor: haven't figured this one out yet.
ncbi-tools6 (vibrant/vibrant.h): doesn't play nice with icheck as it
actually BUILDS header files.
sciplot: fails to check right now on
/usr/include/X11/Core.h:51:0: Undefined identifier _XFUNCPROTOBEGIN
cernlib/paw: I haven't figured out yet how to start.


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