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Re: [SCM] Motif widgetset library branch, master, updated. debian/2.3.4-1-10-g5f4f0e2

On 08-03-13 12:48, Graham Inggs wrote:
> +++ b/debian/mwm.install
> -/etc/X11/mwm/system.mwmrc-menu
> +debian/system.mwmrc-menu /etc/X11/mwm

> +++ b/debian/rules
> -	cp -a clients/mwm/system.mwmrc debian/tmp/etc/X11/mwm/system.mwmrc-menu
> +	cp clients/mwm/system.mwmrc debian/system.mwmrc-menu

Hi Graham,

Can you please elaborate why you find this nicer? You didn't need the
clean up before, and now you do. So, why?


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