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Re: [SCM] Motif widgetset library branch, master, updated. dbe3bee6ec58bdaa141c94c66e85205408dc7d42

On 17-02-13 19:16, Graham Inggs wrote:
> Ah, I didn't notice that the transitional libmotif4 provided libmotif3.
> I have removed that, because it is a transitional package it can be
> uninstalled after the transition, but we still need to show that our
> libxm4 (and libmrm4 and libuil4 and libmotif-common together) still
> provide libmotif3 because of the lib*.so.3 symlinks.
> Regarding the moving of the Provides from the Multi-Arch: foreign
> libmotif-common to the Multi-Arch same libxm4, I thought of a scenario
> where some could have, for example, only the x86_64 version of libmotif4
> installed, they then upgrade to our new package which now provides
> libmotif4 in a Multi-Arch: foreign package.
> They then install an old package depending on libmotif:i386.  The
> installation would proceed without pulling in the i386 libxm4. etc.

My proposal is different:
libmotif4: provides libmotif3 (I added in the description that it can
only be removed if no packages depend on libmotif3) and is indeed
multi-arch same.

All other packages CAN NEVER provide libmotif3 as for each package it
will always be incomplete, and thus no other package can provide full
libmotif3 support on it's own.

An other option is to ALSO provide a virtual libmotif3 package (very
similar to libmotif4).

I don't fully understand the difference between Multi-arch foreign and
allowed. Maybe a possible solution lies in the understanding.


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