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Re: [SCM] Motif widgetset library branch, master, updated. 10e3e364ae46c34cbb88cba0aecab1e053bca5fa

On 17-02-13 18:26, Graham Inggs wrote:
> Hi Paul
> Why don't you think this is the proper solution?

See below.

> Previously, there were multiple libmotif4 packages,


> it makes sense that there should be a transitional package for each
> one.

I think transitional packages don't have any architecture dependent
files so they always should be architecture all. Your use case is a
valid one though, that is why I don't know the proper solution. (I won't
mind uploading with your version, but appreciate the search for a better

> I'll revert to mailing the list after this mail.

Sending this to the list again.


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