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Bug#697163: cvsps reports wrong ancestry (patch fixing problem is available)...

Package: cvsps
Version: 2.1-6
Severity: important

I have been trying all night to import a CVS repo into git using
git's cvsimport which uses cvsp. Importing fails. 

fatal: Not a valid object name refs/remotes/origin/cvs/branch--merge

After some bughunting I found that it fails due to cvsps reporting 
the wrong ancestor branch for a branch in my CVS repo. I have 
found a patch (by Linus Torvalds!) for cvsps which fixes my 
problem. However this patch is not in upstream cvsps, but in a 
repository by Yann Dirson (who I am CCing as he might have
further input on this patch and others).

The patch that I'd like for Debian to add until cvsps includes
it or something similar is:

And the entire repository is also available:

 / Sebastian

PS. I chose to set the severity to "important" since a bug in cvsps
breaks the package git-cvs.

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