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Bug#694266: canna-utils: error when trying to install together with canna/squeeze (3.7p3-6.5)

Package: canna-utils
Version: 3.7p3-10
Severity: serious
User: treinen@debian.org
Usertags: edos-file-overwrite

Architecture: amd64
Distribution: squeeze->wheezy (partial) upgrade


automatic installation tests of packages that share a file and at the
same time do not conflict by their package dependency relationships has
detected the following problem:

  Selecting previously deselected package libcanna1g.
  (Reading database ... 6286 files and directories currently installed.)
  Unpacking libcanna1g (from .../libcanna1g_3.7p3-6.5_amd64.deb) ...
  Selecting previously deselected package canna.
  Unpacking canna (from .../canna_3.7p3-6.5_amd64.deb) ...
  Setting up libcanna1g (3.7p3-6.5) ...
  Setting up canna (3.7p3-6.5) ...
  Installed new iroha dic
  Installed new fuzokugo dics

  Selecting previously deselected package canna-utils.
  (Reading database ... 6405 files and directories currently installed.)
  Unpacking canna-utils (from .../canna-utils_3.7p3-10_amd64.deb) ...
  dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/canna-utils_3.7p3-10_amd64.deb (--unpack):
   trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/chmoddic', which is also in package canna 3.7p3-6.5

This is a serious bug as it makes installation/upgrade fail, and
violates sections 7.6.1 and 10.1 of the policy.

As this problem can be demonstrated during partial upgrades from squeeze
to wheezy (but not within squeeze or wheezy itself), this indicates a
missing or insufficiently versioned Replaces+Breaks relationship.
But since this particular upgrade ordering is not forbidden by any
dependency relationship, it is possible that apt (or $PACKAGE_MANAGER)
will use this erroneus path on squeeze->wheezy upgrades.

Here is a list of files that are known to be shared by both packages
(according to the Contents files for squeeze and wheezy on amd64, which
may be slightly out of sync):


The following relationships are currently defined:

  Conflicts: n/a
  Breaks:    n/a
  Replaces:  n/a

I think this is a regression introduced in 3.7p3-10:
  * Fix a dangling symlink (/usr/bin/chmoddic -> catdic) on canna package.

The following relationships should be added:

  Package:  canna-utils
  Breaks:   canna (<< 3.7p3-10)
  Replaces: canna (<< 3.7p3-10)



PS: for more information about the detection of file overwrite errors
of this kind see http://edos.debian.net/file-overwrites/.

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