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Bug#662003: apt-move with SHA256 support?

Package: apt-move
Version: 4.2.27-1+b8
Severity: important


I managed to add SHA256 Lines to the Release file. I have created a
patch for apt-move to fix the issue. I have attached this patch to
this bug report via email.

But I don't know yet how to add these SHA256 lines into the Packages,
Packages.gz and Packages.bz2 Files.

The first package on the offical mirror in
debian/dists/squeeze/main/binary-i386/Pacakges.gz looks like:
Package: 2vcard
Size: 14300
MD5sum: d831fd82a8605e9258b2314a7d703abe
SHA1: e903a05f168a825ff84c87326898a182635f8175
SHA256: 2be9a86f0ec99b1299880c6bf0f4da8257c74a61341c14c103b70c9ec04b10ec

On the mirror at my side created with apt-move it looks like that:
Package: a2ps 
Size: 926602
MD5sum: ada9c133500447bc22f32419298e2d38

There is no SHA1 or SHA256 line.

I have serious problem with debootstrap not accepting my local mirror
created with apt-move. But debootstrap accepts the offical mirror so I
think the problem is in apt-move and not debootstrap.

After fixing the first issue (no SHA256 lines in the Release file)
debootstrap goes a step further and stops then without a useful debug
message. The only thing I have is a transfer log from vsftpd.

Only 2 files were transfered to the debootstrap client:
Sat Mar  3 11:18:13 2012 [pid 3] [ftp] OK DOWNLOAD: Client
"aa.bb.cc.dd", "/pub/debian/squeeze/dists/squeeze/Release", 2719
bytes, 1429.87Kbyte/sec
Sat Mar  3 11:18:13 2012 [pid 3] [ftp] OK DOWNLOAD: Client "aa.bb.cc.dd",
"/pub/debian/squeeze/dists/squeeze/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz", 740149 bytes, 9509.55Kbyte/sec

Please help me to fix the issue.

sincerely yours

Mario Koppensteiner

--- apt-move.origin	2012-03-03 11:12:53.000000000 +0000
+++ apt-move	2012-03-03 11:13:11.000000000 +0000
@@ -1253,6 +1253,8 @@
 			$(md5sum $l) $size $j/$k/$l
 		printf ' %40s%.s %16d %s\n' \
 			$(sha1sum $l) $size $j/$k/$l >&3
+		printf ' %40s%.s %16d %s\n' \
+			$(sha256sum $l) $size $j/$k/$l >&4
@@ -1312,7 +1314,7 @@
 		cd $prev
-	done > $pf-md5sum 3> $pf-sha1sum
+	done > $pf-md5sum 3> $pf-sha1sum 4> $pf-sha256sum
 	[ -n "$compo" ] || return 0
@@ -1334,6 +1336,8 @@
 	cat $pf-md5sum
 	echo SHA1:
 	cat $pf-sha1sum
+	echo SHA256:
+	cat $pf-sha256sum
 	exec >&-

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