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Re: gecko-mediaplayer maintenance


Le 10/17/2011 07:15 AM, Aron Xu a écrit :
> I'd love to see someone becomes the maintainer of gecko-mediaplayer package!
> The package has been orphaned for some time, and I feel don't have
> enough motion to "maintain" it. I am an ordinary user of
> gnome-mplayer, but not gecko-mediaplayer. It appears that the two
> packages have very close relation, so I tried to prepare uploads for
> the latter one after I took over gnome-mplayer. There are several
> important bugs to deal with, and I can help if you need any assistance
> (i.e. sponsoring and giving advices).
I'm quite short in time to fully maintain another package. I'm also not
a usual user of gecko-mediaplayer, just trying to maintaining in Ubuntu.
But, I'll be happy to make my changes in Debian instead of Ubuntu (I
have no benefit to keep them in Ubuntu). Eventually, we can publish the
packaging in a svn or a git tree in collab-maint and maintain it
together their ?

Julien Lavergne

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