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RE: New Clients

Do you want to get your products/ services in front of millions of potential customers?

When you launch an e-mail marketing program with our company, you will have access to powerful tools that can help you grow revenue, find new customers and achieve your online marketing goals.

No other form of advertising can offer you as much response for such a low cost.

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Rent our targeted e-mail database - consisting of over 200+ Million Consumers , 	
45+ Million Businesses, 40+ Million Homeowners & 20K+ Search Filters. 	

   Email Services Includes:

> Creation of E-mail Ad	
> Use of Our Databases	
> Tracking Results Are Provided	
> Send Your Ad Through Our Servers	
> Breakup Your Blast Into Multiple Sends	
> Use Different Ads Per Blast to Gauge Response	
> Consider us your one stop solution!	

---Attached you will find our FREE info packet!---

Patrick Thomas
Email Deployment Services
Call 1 (888) 570-7776 Today!

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