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Re: RM: mma -- RoQA; unused, orphaned for a long time, dead upstream

Hi all (adding Tom Cato Amundsen, maintainer of the solfege debian
package and Raphael Goulais, previous maintainer of mma to CC)

> The short answer is no. solfege should have declared the dependency on
> mma, or used a Recommends. (Suggests would not have prevented removal.)

Tom, any comments on this?

> The only way mma will get back into Debian is if someone takes on the
> role of maintaining it upstream, updating it, packaging it and then
> introducing it into Debian.

Raphael, are you still/again available for maintaining mma?

Thank you all and best regards

Ronny Standtke

Ronny Standtke                 Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
Dozent Medienpädagogik / ICT   Pädagogische Hochschule
Telefon: +41 32 628 67 08      Obere Sternengasse 7
Mobil  : +41 79 786 81 82      4502 Solothurn

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