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Re: RM: mma -- RoQA; unused, orphaned for a long time, dead upstream

On Tue, 7 Jun 2011 15:07:54 +0200
Ronny Standtke <ronny.standtke@fhnw.ch> wrote:

> GNU Solfege (http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/solfege) needs mma for
> several exercises. Could you please revert the removal of this package
> from Debian?

The short answer is no. solfege should have declared the dependency on
mma, or used a Recommends. (Suggests would not have prevented removal.)

mma was removed Wed, 01 Sep 2010 and it's taken this long for someone
to notice? Doesn't look like anyone really cares enough about it.

The only way mma will get back into Debian is if someone takes on the
role of maintaining it upstream, updating it, packaging it and then
introducing it into Debian. That *might* get it back into unstable and
thence into testing, so that it would be available for Wheezy. There is
no magic "undo" button for a package removal.

There is no good reason to introduce mma back into Squeeze - the best
option for those who have not noticed the removal for 9 months is to
simply pull in the mma package from Lenny (oldstable).

Before Wheezy is released, oldstable will be cleared out and will then
be replaced by Squeeze when Wheezy becomes stable. Therefore, you only
have until the Wheezy release process starts to be able to get mma from
Lenny - after that, it will need to be via archive.debian.org


Neil Williams

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