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Bug#613758: gnome-pilot-conduits-data: missing Replaces on gnome-pilot-conduits 2.0.17-2

tag 613758 + pending
severity 613758 important
retitle 613758 Missing Replaces on gnome-pilot-conduits <= 2.0.17-2

On Thu, 17 Feb 2011 01:51:41 +0100
Vincent Lefevre <vincent@vinc17.net> wrote:

> Package: gnome-pilot-conduits-data
> Version: 2.32.1-1
> Severity: grave
> Justification: renders package unusable
> I got the following error:
> Selecting previously deselected package gnome-pilot-conduits-data.
> Unpacking gnome-pilot-conduits-data (from .../gnome-pilot-conduits-data_2.32.1-1_all.deb) ...
> dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/gnome-pilot-conduits-data_2.32.1-1_all.deb (--unpack):
>  trying to overwrite '/usr/share/locale/wa/LC_MESSAGES/gnome-pilot-conduits.mo', which is also in package gnome-pilot-conduits 2.0.17-2

It's a missing Replaces entry in the control file. A simple dpkg --force-overwrite -i /var/cache/apt/archives/gnome-pilot-conduits-data_2.32.1-1_all.deb will fix your problem in the meantime. I'll upload the fix tonight.


Neil Williams

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