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Bug#611175: zsh: VCS_INFO wrongly detects svn repositories

Lennart Weller wrote:
> On 27.01.2011 16:58, Frank Terbeck wrote:
>> That sounds reasonable. Do you know how stable the "entries" file is
>> within the .svn directories with respect to versions? Ie. Does it exist
>> in old versions as well as in recent ones? (My knowledge of subversion's
>> directory contents are rather limited.)
> I don't use svn frequently either but I just happend to have a
> ~/.svn/authors file which caused the bug. I found this:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1364618/how-do-i-determine-svn-working-copy-layout-version
> So checking:
> [[ -f ".svn/entries" || -f ".svn/format" ]] && return 0
> should be sufficient for all versions.

Great. I'll commit this upstream as soon as I can. Thanks.

I suggest, debian does the same (maybe you could update your patch for
debian's convenience).

One nit: you reported this against version 4.3.6-6; however vcs_info was
shipped with zsh 4.3.7 for the first time. ...so unless debian's 4.3.6-6
package ships it on its own, I doubt that's correct. :)

Anyway, debian's maintainers will know how to handle this.

Regards, Frank

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