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Serious licensing issues in isdnutils

Hi Maintainers,

unfortunately the package isdnutils is in a very bad shape and not distributable
right now (see #559425 for details). The package is orphaned since several
months and should be removed if nobody starts to take care of it soon.
As one of you packages (build-)depends on it, you might be interested to bring
it into a better shape. There is a new upstream version available, while it
might fix licensing issues, it also comes with several non-free binary firmware
blobs... so its definitely not an easy task.

# Broken Build-Depends:
ant-phone: libcapi20-dev
asterisk-chan-capi: libcapi20-dev
bayonne: libcapi20-dev
capi4hylafax: libcapi20-dev (>= 1:3.7.2005-07-09-2)
capisuite: libcapi20-dev (>= 1:3.3.7)
opal: libcapi20-dev
wine: libcapi20-dev (>= 1:
wine-unstable: libcapi20-dev (>= 1:

Best regards,


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