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Bug#566296: php5-exactimage: ORed phpapi dependency

Package: php5-exactimage
Version: 0.7.4-2
Severity: important
Usertags: ored-phpapi-dependency


Your package builds a PHP extension and depends on phpapi-* but as an
ORed dependency.
This is incorrect and will break it on PHP transitions, such as the
soon-to-come PHP 5.3 transition.

Please note that in spite of the lintian warning about depending on a
virtual package, you should *NOT* add any of the php SAPIs (-cli,
-cgi, libapache-mod, etc -- and depending on php5-common is incorrect
too) as an ORed dependency to phpapi-. You could add an override if
you insist, but this will likely be handled on lintian's side in a
future version.

Please don't wait, fix it as soon as possible. It will cause problems
when the php 5.3 packages are uploaded to sid.

Thanks in advance.

Raphael Geissert - Debian Developer
www.debian.org - get.debian.net

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