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Bug#555325: gq: version 1.3.4 completely unusable

Package: gq
Version: 1.3.4
Severity: grave

Debian testing on an amd64:

After a few crashes the first minutes I threw away all ~/.gq* files and
directories. I tried to add a new server. Impossible to enter the bind
dn. It simply forgets it. On the first search it crashes. I have seen
about 10 crashes in the very few first 10 minutes. This is completely
unusable. This version should never have been transferred to testing
IMHO. In this state it is better to remove gq completely.

Workaround: get the sources from the oldstable repository, recompile it
and downgrade to 1.0. Do not forget to:

echo gq hold | dpkg --set-selections


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aloud and remove all doubt.

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