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Bug#554537: postinst failes with exit status 30

Quoting Sven Hartge (sven@svenhartge.de):
> Sven Hartge wrote:
> > Since -4 the package refuses to upgrade correctly:
> Stupid me, of course this should read "-5" instead of "-4".

Hmmm, the addition of "set -e" was meant to be a "lintian cleaning"
for the package while doing l10n updates (something I do very often
during such l10n uploads).

Apparently, the package was in a worse shape than I imagined....and
debconf stuff is not done in a standard way.

So, well, either I find the right fix quite quickly for this...or I
will re-hide the issue under the rug and just drop the "set -e" line.


At first glance, it seems that replacing all "db_input foo/bar" by
"db_input foo/bar || true" (in isdnutils-base.config, for instance)
could be what makes things work *without* "set +e". Untested, though

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