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Bug#553692: capiutils.postinst: line 13: /sbin/MAKEDEV: No such file or directory

On 2009-11-02 18:36 +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:

> Quoting Sven Joachim (svenjoac@gmx.de):
>> > So, the solution is probably adding it to Depends (or Pre-Depends? I
>> > need to check the policy about this).
>> No, makedev serves absolutely no useful purpose on 99% of all Debian
>> systems.  The right solution is to only call MAKEDEV if it is available.
> Erm, the point is not turning makedev into an essential package or
> have it installed on every Debian system, but having capiutils (and
> the few other binary packages from isdnutils) depend on it because it
> needs a call to MAKEDEV in postinst. So, makedev would then be
> installed on every system.....that has one of these packages.

No, the right solution is to make the calls to MAKEDEV in the postinst
conditional, like in the following snippet from the ppp postinst:

# create /dev/ppp if we are not using udev
if [ ! -c /dev/ppp -a -e /dev/MAKEDEV ]; then
  cd /dev
  ./MAKEDEV ppp

Please do something like that to avoid dependencies on makedev.


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