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Bug#554017: it should only depend on WHEN the question was asked

Just a clarification on the example code that I sent before, I should mention that NOW, after the fact, it is correct to say that after 1am on Nov 1 should be considered Standard Time, but the bug was due to Java giving this result between 1am and 2am, the first time through, and during that period, times between 1am to 1:59am should have been considered as Daylight Time until after the timechange at 2pm

is this a common computing issue that we are unable to express the difference between 1:04am DST and 1:04am EST after the fact?  In this particular application the reason the timezones are not included is because the legacy system providing that data (not owned by us) only provides the common-format civil time; to make this data palpable for computing use, we need to deduce the timezone data and thus I thought that by using the default timezone on the server machine, that this timezone would not change until after 2am, and thus the file would be correctly identified as pre-timechange.

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