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Re: [RFR] templates://isdnutils/{ipppd.templates,isdnlog.templates,isdnutils-b ase.templates,isdnvboxserver.templates}

Quoting Justin B Rye (jbr@edlug.org.uk):
> Justin B Rye wrote:
> > Okay, I'll keep my hands off the package descriptions too.
> Sorry, I got bored and reviewed it anyway.  Here's a separate diff
> for the control file, as an alternative to just sending it in as a
> wishlist bug report. 

Aha, you got more courage than me. I agree with all these changes
which are exactly inline which what I was thinking  about the package
descriptions (particularly the part sayign what the package is good
for...before saying what it is not..:-))

I'll include your proposed changed in the final review. There's
actually no good reason for doing something else.

I think that my lazyness was  probably influenced by the feeling that
he demand for ISDN utilities is probably fairly low nowadays.

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