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Bug#514635: #514635 defoma: Use Font::FreeType instead of Freetype.pm

On Wed, 16 Sep 2009, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> I'll keep your opinion in mind.
> It's equivalent to stating that you'll "recommend" tic in ncurses
> and not provide user configurability.

ITYM ncurses-bin.

Making a package Recommends: instead of Depends: hardly deprives users
of functionatliy, especially when the output of the command makes it
clear what needs to be done. If tic pulled in a half a megabyte of
dependencies too, we'd probably also split it out of ncurses-bin, and
make it Recommends: as well.[1]

I should also note too that defoma is going to go away in the
not-to-distant future.

Don Armstrong

1: I certainly can't remember the last time I needed to use tic to
compile a terminfo file, so it's not like its a significant portion of
the functionality that ncurses-bin provides.
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