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Bug#514635: #514635 defoma: Use Font::FreeType instead of Freetype.pm

On Wed, 16 Sep 2009, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Sep 2009, Don Armstrong wrote:
> >On Wed, 16 Sep 2009, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> >>The fix is incomplete, since the package dependencies do not include
> >>libfont-freetype-perl
> >
> >The package Recommends: libfont-freetype-perl, which is sufficient.
> dselect didn't note this when I added it.

I don't use dselect, but FWICR, it has options to prompt you about
uninstalled recommends. (aptitude would have installed
libfont-freetype-perl by default, FWIW.)

> The package doesn't run without it.

It runs fine; the only thing that needs libfont-freetype-perl is
defoma-hints, which certainly isn't required to provide a significant
amount of the functionality that defoma provides. See Debian Policy
§7.2 if you're unfamiliar with the distinction between Recommends: and

Don Armstrong

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