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Bug#544600: iceweasel-l10n should use same l10n package names as kde-l10n

DB> "Dmitry E. Oboukhov" <unera@debian.org> wrote:
>> Why? I don't understand.

DB> because, obviously, it sucks that l10n packages do not use the same
DB> naming scheme within debian, making it a pita to know that e.g it's
DB> iceweasel-l10n-pt-br but it's iceweasel-l10n-ptbr etc. which is e.g. a
DB> big problem for debian-live where we want to install l10n packages in an
DB> automatic fashion.

DB> kde-l10n has got the package names correct, ice*-l10n should adapt to that.

Where is the document of this subject?
Do we have possibility installing one language for all l10n packages?

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