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Bug#526878: Bug#471801: egroupware adoption or removal?

Hi there,

On Wednesday 29 July 2009, Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
> Il giorno mer, 29/07/2009 alle 09.39 +0100, Martin Meredith ha scritto:
> [...]
> > I've suggested that I adopt this, however, the current maintainer seems
> > to want to stay as maintainer, and just do everything through "accessible
> > by anyone" svn. I'm not too sure exactly what he wants to do with this.
> while I was (and I am still) interested in maintaing these packages, I
> could not find enough time in order to really work on it.

sorry, but I've to admit that the same counts for me. I can spend work from 
time to time, but not taking the whole maintainance over.

Ciao, Jan.

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