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Bug#504283: egroupware adoption or removal?

Hi all,

Il giorno mer, 29/07/2009 alle 09.39 +0100, Martin Meredith ha scritto:
> I've suggested that I adopt this, however, the current maintainer seems to want
> to stay as maintainer, and just do everything through "accessible by anyone"
> svn. I'm not too sure exactly what he wants to do with this.

while I was (and I am still) interested in maintaing these packages, I
could not find enough time in order to really work on it.

I am afraid I am not the only one since, if I remember correctly, Peter
clearly stated that he received many offers for working on the package,
but no one was really helping. So he decided to open the maintenance in
order to see if anyone would really work on it.

Now the package has been orphaned, so, if you have time to spend on this
package, please adopt it.


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