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Bug#497703: HappyDoc copyright status clarification

Hi Doug,

Firstly, thanks for you quick responses.

> Since I don't support it any more, and it does not work with some  
> language constructs from the newer versions of Python, I'm not sure  
> you want to include it any longer.  I'll leave it up to you whether or  
> not to pull it out of your release.

Ah, I hadn't encountered this with my quick tests. With this in mind, I think
removal is the best way forward at the moment.

> I am willing to give commit access to someone else if you want to fix  
> the problems with the packaging (or with the language support :-).

.. if someone steps up with this, I'm sure we could have HappyDoc back.

> So, the code *I* wrote is BSD.  Anything else will include its own  
> license reference.

Okay, thank-you for the clarification, really appreciated.


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