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Bug#497703: HappyDoc copyright status clarification

Hi Doug,

I understand you are the upstream maintainer of HappyDoc.

In the Debian system, there is an outstanding issue with the HappyDoc
package where some of the files distributed in the python-happydoc package
refer to licences that are missing from the tarball. You can read the entire
details here:


(If you are unfamiliar with Debian GNU/Linux, you can ignore references to
the "../python-happydoc/copyright" and "debian/copyright" files - they are
our own executive summaries and mostly irrelevant for upstream maintainers)

This bug is marked "release critical", meaning that the package is not
releasable in this state and will not ship with the upcoming Lenny release.

Whilst I am aware that you no longer support development of HappyDoc, it
would be extremely helpful if you could reply to this message (retaining the
Cc's) with a statement declaring the licence of the HappyDoc source. The
debian/copyright file could then be modified to reflect this, the bug
closed, and HappyDoc would ship with Lenny.

Alternatively, if you think Debian should discontinue shipping HappyDoc,
please let us know your thoughts.


Chris Lamb, UK                                       chris@chris-lamb.co.uk
                                                            GPG: 0x634F9A20

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