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Bug#302578: dict-jargon: FTBFS: Error on w3m and lynx calls


>    * Apparently xmlto calls w3m or lynx to convert html to text, but I can't
>      find the call.  (I don't know why neither one is a Build-Depend.)  If w3m
>      is installed, it is called, but creates an error.  Since I can't locate
>      the error, I have listed w3m as Build-Conflicts-Indep.

The cause of the problem is described below.

1. According to jargsrc-4.4.4/Makefile,

      jargon.txt: jargon-web.xml $(XSLFILES)
             xmlto -p "-width=79" -m jargon-text.xsl txt jargon-web.xml

   xmlto is called with "-p width=79".

2. xmlto then pass option "-width=79" to /usr/share/xmlto/format/docbook/txt

3. /usr/share/xmlto/format/docbook/txt, then pass the option
"-width=79" to w3m like this,
      /usr/bin/w3m -T text/html -dump -width=79

4. Since "w3m" not recognize the option "-width=nn", then it return error.

== More ==

According to /usr/share/xmlto/format/docbook/txt, it contains the
following code,

   if [ -x /usr/bin/w3m ]
     ARGS="-T text/html -dump"
   elif [ -x /usr/bin/lynx ]
     ARGS="-force_html -dump -nolist -width=72"
   elif [ -x /usr/bin/links ]
     echo >&2 "No way to convert HTML to text found."
     exit 1

1. I have just tried to resolve this problem by editing
jargsrc-4.4.4/Makefile like this,

   WIDTH_ARGS=$(shell \
     if [ -x /usr/bin/w3m ]; \
     then \
       echo '"-cols 79"'; \
     elif [ -x /usr/bin/lynx ]; \
     then \
       echo '"-width=79"'; \
     elif [ -x /usr/bin/links ]; \
     then \
       echo '"-width 79"'; \
     fi \

   jargon.txt: jargon-web.xml $(XSLFILES)
   	xmlto -p $(WIDTH_ARGS) -m jargon-text.xsl txt jargon-web.xml

2. After apply this solution, the w3m error is resolved.

3. However, it create another error when applying the patch, "patch <
debian/jargon-patch", since the patch is used to apply to the output
generated by lynx only, not w3m.

4. I'll try to resolved this new issue.

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