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Bug#494933: charmap.app: the range switching is terribly slow

reassign gnustep-back0.14
found 494933 0.14.0-2

Michal Suchanek wrote:
> With both backends I get lots of windows flashing as they are mapped
> and unmapped repeatedly. 

OK, this is really weird and definitely a gnustep-back issue.  

There are multiple problems that accumulate:

1) The `--GNU-Debug' option should not change at all your user/display
   experience, it should merely print some extra messages.

2) With the cairo backend, you definitely should see all windows,
   displayed faster and in theory better.  There were some issues with
   the cairo backend in the past that were mostly resolved, but libart
   is still the default.  What is your DefaultDepth?  Can you run
   another GNUstep program (almost any Debian package that ends with
   '.app') and confirm the same behaviour?

3) I can reproduce the huge slowness you describe with the art backend
   on i386, but not with the cairo backend.

4) I never get those "styleoffsets ... guessing offsets" messages --
   they are from GNUstep Back (Source/x11/XGServerWindow.m).  This
   only confirms something fishy happens with the backend -- possibly
   related to your architecture, or to your setup.  Either way, I
   think it's a legitimate bug, and if it happens always on amd64,
   it's release-critical.

I'm reassigning to gnustep-back as I'm confident the problem is there,
and I hope that others from the GNUstep team might have a clue.  This
is definitely a bug, and deserves deeper look by more eyeballs.

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