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Bug#486955: might be caused by a dpkg-dev regression?

On Thu, 19 Jun 2008, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Hi,
> I figured this out too late, but it seems that all those bugs are caused
> by a dpkg-dev regression.
>  Bug#486987: sugar-toolkit: FTBFS: new copyright notices
>  Bug#486979: sugar-datastore: FTBFS: new copyright notices
>  Bug#486975: sugar-web-activity: FTBFS: new copyright notices
>  Bug#487002: sugar-pippy-activity: FTBFS: new copyright notices
>  Bug#486961: sugar-chat-activity: FTBFS: new copyright notices
>  Bug#486984: sugar: FTBFS: new copyright notices
>  Bug#487001: sugar-journal-activity: FTBFS: new copyright notices

Those are related to a licensecheck improvement. Those checks should
really go away and be run by the maintainer when he wants to check it
and not automatically on build.

>  Bug#486982: gnomesword: FTBFS: patching failed
>  Bug#486955: jack-tools: FTBFS: patching failed
>  Bug#486988: bibledit: FTBFS: patching failed
>  Bug#486996: gpib: FTBFS: patching failed

Those might be related to the change made on quilt:

It might be that CDBS packages using tarball in tarball and the quilt
patching were implicitely using this feature... if that's the case I'd
like to know how many packages are affected to be able to decide
if we should revert that change.

Can you retry all the packages that might be affected by this with quilt
0.46-4.1 instead of 0.46-5 ?

> There are a few other candidates I haven't filed (new failure && package
> using quilt ; false positives highly possible): 

A few random packages analyzed:
> awstats
> moin
> yaird
=> also related to licensecheck

> sword
=> related to quilt

The bigger one like icedove and iceowl are probably related too.

Raphaël Hertzog

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