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Bug#480318: Description could be better formatted

Package: bitcollider
Version: 0.6.0-1
Severity: minor


Back in February there was a discussion on debian-devel about descriptions
of some packages that include lists which shouldn't be reformatted.
It's at:

If you look at your package description on:
then you can see the problem.

The list in the description gets preformatted in part.

You can prevent this by starting a line in the Description field with two
spaces as per:

The lines in your package that could be fixed are:
 * It examines the file, calculating a distinctive digital fingerprint,
   or bitprint, and taking note of some other identifying information that
   can be extracted from the file, like file length and the local filename.
 * It launches your web browser to do a lookup at our website, submitting
   this identifying information as the search terms.

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