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Bug#335744: ifplugd breaks IPW2200

Hi Hadmut,

On 05/10/25 20:07 +0200, Hadmut Danisch said ...
> I have a notebook with a centrino 54 MBit WLAN device and use the
> IPW2200 driver. 

I am using ifplugd on a IBM T43 and use the ipw2200 driver.

> Association does not work if I use the ifplugd (while it works on a
> different Notebook with IPW2100). 

Can you please explain what you mean by association not working?  Are
you using waproamd / wpasupplicant for configuring wireless?  Can you
send across the configuration of that too along with the configuration
of ifplugd that you use (/etc/default/ifplugd and any other config files
that you may have modified).

> I saw that ifplugd 0.28 is available, maybe it already solved the
> problem. What about updating the debian package?

0.28 has an extra --no-startup and build fixes over 0.26, so I am
guessing you would still be able to reproduce this bug, can you help me
triage this with more information?



Y Giridhar Appaji Nag | http://www.appaji.net/

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