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Bug#453701: Mailping package versions appear incorrect

Package: mailping
Version: 0.0.4-1

I am working on a merge of this package for Ubuntu Hardy Heron and during
this process it was noted that the version numbering may be a little bit
messed up.

Since this is a native package, shouldn't the last upload, which was a
maintainer upload, have been 0.0.5 instead of 0.0.4-1?  Isn't the -1 the
first revision to a non-native package?

The problem this creates is that when merging this package with Ubuntu, it
will create a package with a numbering of 0.0.4-1ubuntu1 which is a lower
packaging version than 0.0.4ubuntu4, the current Ubuntu package.


Chess Griffin
GPG Public Key:  0x0C7558C3

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