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The holiday report

Clarion Hotel claims Huge cut in energy cost due to EtGU

Novembers top five points for E tG U:

1. The world is seeking shelter from the world energy crisis.
2. Without much relief in site from authorities, businesses are looking
for their own solutions to energy problems.
3. etg U provides a system that is reducing energy costs upwards of 30%.
4. Facilities such as Radisson Hotel and Clarion Hotel are boasting e
TGU's SensorStat having helped them meet the energy crisis.
5. EnerBrite is issuing a extensive media release to boosts investor
awareness this coming week.

It's a trading frenzy on eTgu all week. Volume was going through the
roof all week and Wednesday and Friday saw Market Makers pushing the
price down and grabbing huge blocks in expectation of next weeks
trading. Now is the time to grab e T gU. Act fast Monday morning.

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