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Bug#391172: gnomermind: Help does not open help file.

I can confirm this bug, but I do not think it is directly related to
gnomermind.  Instead I think it's a bug in libgnome32.

I am not a C programmer, but digging through the gnomermind source
code, it seems that to me that when the help menu is accessed,
gnomermind calls the gnome_help_goto function, and this function uses
"ghelp" to display the help files.  As far as I can tell, "ghelp"
appears to either have been deprecated or changed to "gnome-help"
and/or "yelp".  If you try to manually display the gnomermind help
files with gnome-help or yelp in a terminal it works fine.  The
gnome_help_goto function is in gnome-help.c and gnome-url.c, both of
which are part of libgnome32.

Googling around found a similar report in Ubuntu, which was apparently
fixed in Breezy, but I can't find a patch or how they fixed it:


I also found some posts to various GNOME mailing lists that seem to
talk about this issue as well:


I am working on becoming the maintainer of this package and if that
occurs, I might mark this bug as closed since it seems that it's not
really a gnomermind bug, but a libgnome32 bug, though my lack of C
skills could mean my investigation and conclusions are incorrect.  :-)


Chess Griffin
GPG Public Key:  0x0C7558C3

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