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Bug#322315: moraalii

Ru*mor N'e-w.s : 

Onco*lo,gy M'e d.. I'n*c .  (OT,C: O*NCO) a C_ancer Trea-t,ment Sol*utio.ns Gro-up is s_a.i*d to h a'v-e 

e,xpe*rienced o'v.e.r a 1000_% increa_s_e in r 'evenues f'o-r t h,e f iscal 3_r-d quar*ter endin'g J+u+l.y*, 

2 0-0.7 comp_a_red w-i,t+h t+h e pr.ior y-e+a_r whil-e fisc-al fou-rth qua'rter res.ults f.o_r 2'0_0.7 a-r+e on

t-rack to exce*ed t_h_i_s y.ear▓s thi*rd quarte r re-sults. 

O+N C.O addi.tio nally pl ans to in*creas+e s ervice of+.ferings wh+ich a'r_e curr+*ently un__derway. 

Do.n▓t w+a,i+t f.o-r t.h,e n-e'w s to c_o_m e o+u,t a.n d l_o_s+e t'h+e o pportuni_ty to g,e t in fro-nt of the

gene*ral inves ti*ng publ.ic.  Onc'olo-gy M.e*d is in a multibilli-'on do llar indu-s-try w+h,e,r e 
t_h'e,y a-r,e gaini ng ma+rket shar.e rapidly,. 

C-a'l,l y o'u r broke,r n+o_w f-o+r O'N-C,O . 

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