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Bug#442866: perl-modules should depend on perl-base (>= 5.8.8-8)

Giovanni Mascellani <g.mascellani@gmail.com> writes:

> Sorry, but I'm not experienced in Perl and I'm not a DD. I still don't
> understand what is the problem.
> From your email I understand that gnump3d is supposed to fail because
> some Perl modules were moved from perl-modules to perl-base, and
> gnump3d depends only on perl-modules. But I have perl-base installed on
> my system, so gnump3d, even if it doesn't have an "official" dependency
> filed against perl-base, should find the required modules. But, in
> fact, he doesn't.
> What could be the problem? Thank you for your help!

>From your original bug report:

"Can't locate unicore/PVA.pl in @INC [...]"

The problem is that unicore/PVA.pl has been moved to perl-base in
5.8.8-8, but that version has not yet been built on i386.  So you have
perl-base 5.8.8-7, but perl-modules 5.8.8-8, and neither of them
contains the PVA.pl module because of the move.  Hence, the dependency
of perl-modules on perl-base should be versioned so that people cannot
lose the moved modules.


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