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Bug#429025: libgnome-dev +libsvn-dev = problems

severity 429025 normal
tags 429025 wontfix

[Eddy Petrisor]
> It is impossible to install libsvn-dev and libgnome-dev at the same
> time on the same system due to the fact that they depend on diffrent
> versions of libdb-dev.

Actually libsvn-dev doesn't depend on libdb*-dev anyway, only
indirectly, thanks to apr-util.  (This possibly should be a direct
dependency - but since svn upstream detects libdb via apr-util, rather
than directly, the current indirect dependency expresses things pretty

So, what are we supposed to do about it?  I'm calling it "wontfix" - I
can't speak for the libgnome-dev maintainers, but I believe they'll
agree.  We (in svn) surely have a reason to use libdb4.4, I assume they
have a reason to use libdb3.

This could be "fixed" in the libdb*-dev packages, letting them be
installed side-by-side by moving /usr/include/db.h into a versioned
subdirectory or something, but that would have interesting (and
hard-to-predict) effects on everyone's build who uses libdb*-dev.  Many
packages would probably end up building with the wrong libdb, if more
than one is installed.

> Not sure if this applies to sid/lenny, I haven't tried.

Yes, it does.

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