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Bug#421640: please provide unifont.hex

Robert Millan <rmh@aybabtu.com> writes:

> Uhm, for an orphaned package, I suppose I have to do this myself.  Are there
> any rules I should take into consideration before NMUing?

Basically, all maintainers are encouraged to do uploads on behalf of the
QA Group, and you can treat it as a maintainer upload.  I.e. no NMU diff,
no point revisions (1:1.0-4 rather than 1:1.0-3.1), as many changes as you
feel necessary, and new upstream versions if practical.  It's customary to
put "QA upload" in the first line of the changelog.

> Also, could someone please review my patch and tell me if it's ok?

Perhaps a separate package would be better (unifont-source?).  It would
double the size of the existing package, and the vast majority of current
users don't need it.

It's worth mentioning in the description that the Yudit editor digs .hex
fonts.  You might want to check whether it accepts compressed files, and
leave unifont.hex uncompressed if not.

> Using /usr/share/fonts seems like the right thing to me, but there
> aren't other packages adding their own formats there (perhaps
> /usr/share/unifont would be better?).

yudit-common has /usr/share/yudit/fonts/yudit.hex, so I'd go for



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