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Re: File type misclassification

>>>> opening the following file in emacs-snapshot from Ubuntu Edgy
>>>> (sorry, I don't have a fresher CVS Emacs at work) will throw the
>>>> buffer into PostScript mode, presumably because it starts with "%!".
>>>> This seems rather like overkill.

Same old problem where the file's content and the file's extension do not
agree on what the file actually contains.  And once again, the file
extension is the better predictor whereas Emacs uses magic-mode-alist in
preference to auto-mode-alist.

> Sigh.  Seems like a magic string for the "TeXshop" TeX editor.  But I
> think just ruling out [VT] is still asking for trouble.

I think a bug report to the TeXshop is in order.

>> 3) Remove it from magic-mode-alist.
> Also an option in my book.

Agreed, a very good option I'd say.  Especially since editing postscript is
rather uncommon.


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